Kathi’s 4th Boogie & Jazz Festival will take place again this year. Soon the time has come: on 22.09.2018 at 20.00 it starts in the Forum Rum (Map).

Once again this year, well-known boogie pianists, talented band’s and other exciting guests are united on stage to give you a wonderful evening. Let’s boogie!

Pre-sale tickets are available here or +436769608543.

I am looking forward to your coming!

Katharina Alber


Katharina Alber


Coline Simeone


Artur Rogger


Cynthia Girtley

New Orleans (USA) – Gospel & Piano

Girtley was born and raised in New Orleans Louisiana where she grew up on the west bank of the Mississippi River in an area of the city called Algiers. She comes from a family with strong spiritual beliefs and a rich musical background. As a little girl Girtley’s style of singing and piano playing was highly influenced by listening to recordings of the late Mahalia Jackson and Mildred Falls, as well as hearing her mother, Adeline singing at home and in the church’s choir on Sunday mornings. Young Cynthia would listen to the songs, memorize them and then sing them to her mother.

Throughout high school and college she continued singing, playing the piano and directing choirs for churches in the city. After high school Girtley attended Xavier University where she majored in music performance. During her career Girtley has performed in Europe and toured Brazil singing gospel. Girtley has appeared at major festivals and concert venues, such as the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the National Cathedral in Washington DC, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, the Global African Festival in Dallas, the Cincinnati Blues Festival in Ohio and the Bourbon Street Festival in Sao Paulo and Rio. In 2013 Girtley performed for the XLVII Super Bowl on Super Bowl Blvd. She has also had the opportunity to work, perform and record with New Orleanian jazz historian and world renowned clarinetist Dr. Michael White.

In May of 2011 Girtley produced and released her debut CD entitled “A New Orleans Tribute to Mahalia Jackson” with Dr. Michael White as guest artist. The following year she released her newest CD entitled “It’s In My Heart.” While contemporary, hip hop, gospel rap, and urban gospel seems to be more prevalent today, Girtley continues to carry the torch of such pioneers as the late Thomas Dorsey, James Cleveland, Mahalia Jackson and Mildre Falls by continuing to sing and perform traditional gospel music.

Silvan Zingg

Schweiz – Boogie Piano

Christoph Steinbach

Österreich – Boogie Piano

Katharina Alber

Österreich – Boogie Piano

Coline Simeone

Frankreich – Boogie Piano

Artur Rogger

Österreich – Jazz Piano

Preise und Tickets


27,00€ (Vorverkauf)

32,00€ (Abendkasse)


Online unter Tickets oder

per Telefon unter +436769608543

“Fülle die Tage mit Leben und nicht das Leben mit Tagen!”



Übernachtung & Hotels

Sollten Sie ein Hotel für Ihre Übernachtung benötigen, können Sie dies komfortabel unter Hotelbuchung erledigen. Gerne stehe ich Ihnen hier auch bei weiteren Fragen unter +436769608543 zur Verfügung.

Das Festival

Schon als Kind war es mein Traum irgendwann einmal auf der Bühne zu stehen und meine eigene Veranstaltung präsentieren zu dürfen.

So entschied ich mich 2015 dazu, nun endlich mein eigenes Festival auf die Beine zu stellen.

Das erste Festival sollte im Gemeindesaal Aldrans stattfinden, an dem Ort, an dem ich mit 5 Jahren das erste Mal auf der Bühne stehen durfte.


Kathi's 1. Boogie&Jazz Festival

Kathis 1. Boogie und Jazz Festival fand am 26.09.2015. um 20:00 im Gemeindesaal Aldrans statt.

Für die Veranstaltung engagierte ich die Bands Lanser Dixielander, Salt & Pepper, Turnarounds, Saxoholic und Robert Roth & Friends.

Natürlich saß ich als Gastgeber auch selbst auf der Bühne und rockte ein paar Songs mit.

Gleich beim ersten Mal war das Festival mit 200 Besuchern ein voller Erfolg und motivierte mich dazu das 2. Boogie und Jazz Festival im Forum in Rum zu organisieren, das am 24.09.16 um 20:00 stattfinden wird.